It is NEVER too late to apologize

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So what do you do when you are feeling really bad about your own bad behavior? Maybe you had a horrible argument with someone and said some awful things just to get back at them; mean things were done out of spite. You acted like a fool because you were mad. You said what you said or did what you did to make them feel as bad as you felt. But, as always, we don’t know what the future holds for us and we don’t know what is going to take place in the next hour.

The next day you didn’t hear from that person; maybe they failed to come home that night. A hospital calls you and asks you to come and visit your beloved. When you get to the hospital, the chaplain or a social worker or an intern informs you that your beloved was hit by a drunken driver. They are dead.

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of that awful hospital visit. You feel as if the whole event took place yesterday; you are just as torn up inside as the day this took place. Fifteen years and you have not forgotten all that you said, you still have that God forsaken flop in your stomach you had when the intern told you _____ was hit, left dead in the street and brought to the hospital. “I’m sorry, he did not make it. We tried, we really tried.” They turn their back and walk away, leaving you to mentally repeat, over and over again all the things you said the night before. Today, fifteen years later, you find yourself still repeating your last words to the person you loved. You didn’t say, “Be careful” or “just go” or “O you make me so mad but I still love you. Get out of here I need some air!” Your last words were not words of endearment or sentiment, they were mean and spiteful and the receiver cried. On the inside, where no one sees, you are, and have been wounded by your actions. You are wounded by your own guilt (and maybe shame).

Friend, if you can relate to this scenario I say it is time for you to heal. It is past time to do something to get rid of that sunken feeling way down in your soul. Drop the burden and move on. I’ve been down this path and I share with you how to move on in my book, The Secret to Healing and Finding Comfort.

im sorry

It is not too late or impossible to apologize for anything. Directions on how to apologize are on page 15.


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