Choose your Friends Wisely

So you have something pressing on your heart that just won’t let your spirit be. You are at unrest, this thing is staying on your mind and you don’t sleep-can’t sleep. What should you do? How do you handle this crisis? If you could just talk to someone, you know?

Well Dear, if I knew you and I knew you knew something about our Lord and Savior or Jesus or both, I’d tell you to go to the Lord in prayer. But If I didn’t really know you I might ask “Have you tried prayer?,” step back and watch your reaction. A mere facial expression, an eye roll, a nod or a shrug would give me the answer I need. I may be guilty of lacking any kind of filter but I am not rude. I cannot, would not, never, shove my Jesus on an unwanted soul.

The truth is, regardless of your spiritual orientation, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or Baptist, we all need to talk and we need a good friend to keep what we talk about. We all share that human compulsion and desire to unload by talking. The problem is we don’t know where the talk may end up, where it will make its home. Since we agree we all need a friend, my advice is: Choose your friends wisely.

Let me introduce you to my friends and I will explain how I use each of them. Yes, each  friend has a specific purpose.


These are very popular and easy to find. Just tell them whatever you desire. They are so innocent looking; no one would ever think they talk. This is where I talk about thoughts for a sermon or verses, topics or phrases to preach. When I study I talk about what I just learned to these friends. 

IMG_20160415_230026841Journal here is for…well whatever I tell him he keeps to himself.

This one too. What I like about these 2 friends are: they are cute! I can put them in my purse and talk to them whenever I feel like it. Good friends are cute and useful, like  these 2.IMG_20160415_231203






Now this friend is useful when I’m at the computer surfing and studying. I always keep a document open and I say (type) whatever I want to say in the document. When (if) I save the conversation I give it a lighthearted name. Or I just talk to him as the need arise.


The above and below friends are for the milenials and younger people. These 2 are convenient, modern and they can multi task.


We no longer call the little books or notebooks a “diary” but basically that is what it is and its purpose is to provide a place to record your thoughts and feelings. The journal (diary) is the friend to confide in. It allows you the opportunity to get the burden or confession off your heart. And when you go back and listen to your friend (read your entry) and find that you need more than to speak to him, you can proceed to make arrangements to seek counsel of a professional or a responsible person who will respect your privacy.

Talk to your journal and tell him everything! Go back at your leisure, when you want, and listen to him. He will never put you in a 3 way conversation and let someone listen in while you talk. As a matter of fact, I think these are the most loyal friends ever.These friends here will never share your secrets with others.

My Dear, a secret to healing is talking the pain out, sharing with a trusted friend. Choose your friends wisely and make sure they will keep your conversation private. A good friend will listen and never betray your confidence.

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Who is your friend?    Journal?    Jesus?     Journal and Jesus?


Thank you for taking the time  to visit. Please visit us again 🙂




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