Chicken Soup to Support Your Soul

This is similar to the Chicken and Dumplings

This will yield a  hearty pot of  chicken soup. I like potato in mine: you may prefer noodles or a pasta. You can use chicken parts, about 5 pounds instead of a  whole chicken. I like breasts and thighs. Peel and dice carrots, about 1-2 cups. Chop about 5 ribs of celery and dice them. Peel about 4-6 white potatoes and cut them in large chunks. Get a bag of soup vegetables from the frozen vegetable section. Please use Chicken broth or stock or add 2 chicken bouillon to plain water. Use salt and pepper to your taste: I use Kosher salt or Sea salt. Himalayan salt is good but it has a mild flavor.

Clean your chicken, salt and pepper it. Drop it in 5 quarts of boiling chicken broth with the celery.  Cook over a medium heat with a lid. When the chicken is almost done, about 45 minutes, add your carrots. This is the time to add chopped onion if you like onions in your soup. I don’t. Add 2 Tablespoons of Italian seasoning or  1 Tablespoon thyme, 2 bay leaves and a teaspoon of basil.

Add your potatoes or pasta.  In 10 minutes     Add your bag of soup vegetables or

add fresh brocoli heads, 1/2 pound fresh green beans that’s been halved or any other fresh vegetable that you like. Squash and zucchini should be added last because they only need 5 minutes of cook time. cook until tender.

Continue to simmer with a lid until the chicken drop off the bones. Remove all the chicken bones.

Bake a tube of commercial biscuits to enjoy with your soup. My favorite tv cook lady don’t use chicken flavor nothing. She uses plain water and when her soup is almost done she pours 1/2 bottle of dry white wine in the pot and she enjoys the rest of her wine while she consumes her soup. Rachel has lots of quartered potatoes in her soup. I prefer potatoes a tad bit smaller.

Now that’s a pot of soup: mine is flavored with Riesling and Riesling in my glass!  Riesling or not, potatoes or pasta, fresh veggies or frozen, this is still the best

chicken soup

Chicken Soup for your beloved soul

Here is a bowl for all of you who visit or follow this blog 🙂



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