Good Grief

The Healing Secret for today is Good Grief, a book written by Granger E. Westberg

good_grief_book_cover Have you ever thought about something and then got teary eyed over the thought of a missed person you love dearly? Good Grief will explain that to you. It will inform you that you will always grieve for your lost beloved but as time pass the grieving will be done in a different way.

Good Grief will explain how little things will trigger big memories and how those memories may have you longing or grieving for your lost one. Like, the fragrance of a rose may remind you of Tea Rose perfume that reminds you of Aunt Betty who always smelled like roses and wow I miss Aunt Betty and she always brought her famous German Chocolate Cake to the Mothers Day brunch. Then you crave German Chocolate cake!

I highly recommend reading this book if you are in the middle of grieving. It is small, has less than 100 pages, and cost about $5. It is celebrating 50 years and has a new edition with an afterward written by the author’s daughter. But if you get the original that will be just fine.

O, DON’T leave the kids out! Kids grieve too. On Google Play you will find this gem gdgrieg

that takes us through the grieving process of a 10 year old boy grieving over the loss of his father. He receives support from his family, friends and a child’s bereavement group.

O, and of course12919888_10208297330606647_5110148958886443044_n (2)  my book too  which is a tribute to my mother and includes some of her favorite recipes, my assignmentsts to help you bring closure to your grief and scriptures I find powerful and helpful. Don’t keep these Healing Secrets a secret! Treat it like a tidbit of juicy gossip and…PASS IT ALONG…someone may need it.   Thank you for visiting and you are always welcomed to join in the conversation. May we all stay sweet and last a long time, just like a lollipop!lollypop


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