Today’s forgiving journal: Forgiving, letting go, gratitude!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our guest blogger today: Debie of forgivingjournal.


Today’s forgiving journal is a 3-step tool on forgiving: forgiving, letting go, and gratitude!

Hi loves….I thought I’d switch the focus of my forgiving journal to some tools I’ve found to help me forgive. In case they help you too.

This first one is a gem. I developed it when I was studying for a Doctorate in Spiritual Science; these three steps were the key method in my Practical Treatise (like a dissertation in traditional education).

For this exercise, you can keep it simple or make it more elaborate – completely up to you! I’d just suggest writing the 3 steps in a journal. There’s something about writing down each entry that can bring a deep awareness and healing and for me, compassion.

A personal sharing as an introduction…. I was speaking with a dear friend this morning, and she asked me how I stay so thin. I shared with…

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  1. Thank you for including me as your first blogger! I am so touched. 💖 This method of forgiving has helped me when I really needed the love…. I hope you get some value from it too! So many blessings to all, and Healing Secrets thanks again.


    1. Hi again – I just reread my comment and saw that my phone auto corrected! So the first line should read ‘guest blogger’ not ‘first blogger’. I forgive my self for judging my phone as.. ☺ Forgiving comes in so many forms, doesn’t it? Makes me smile!


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