Mourning a Celebrity

Prince Rogers Nelson I will miss you. May your soul rest in peace. I liked you; maybe even loved you and I definitely loved your music. Some of your lyrics were over my head but I understood every beat of your music. Your guitar playing was superb, phenomenal, exciting and the best.

Prince, I am actually grieving over your death. The way you left us, so suddenly and without warning. It is really weird; you gave a show, a good one and were on your way home when the rumors began to leak. “Prince is sick, he cancelled a show.” It was flu season so canceling a show at that time of the year was forgivable. Then more whispering and rumors. Your plane stopped in Moline, Illinois because you were sick. You must have been awful sick to stop in Moline. Who wants to be in Moline? Only the people who live in Moline want to be in Moline. You made it home only to be found in an elevator. Alone. And dead. Maybe you would have had it no other way; you were a very private person.

Mourning you have proven to be a difficult task. When Michael Jackson died I grieved his death. The Jackson 5 was the first live concert I attended so Michael was a part of my life, a landmark event of attending the first of what are now many live concerts. I never saw you in concert because your tickets sold out so fast or I could not figure out where to purchase a ticket. Either way, I would have paid the price and gone to your concert.

I ended my grieving over Michael by throwing a Michael Jackson concert. For 3 consecutive days I played Michael’s music either by playing what is in my collection or going to YouTube.  There is a lifetime supply of Michael Jackson videos and music on YouTube.

Well, my Prince concert lasted a whole 2 hours…maybe. Last Saturday I went to Pandora and created a Prince Station. After 45 minutes I got disgusted and turned it off. Forty-five minutes and Pandora played everything but your music. No Purple Rain, no When Doves Cry. It was weird and it disgusted me so I just deleted the station. The next day, Sunday, I began my YouTube concert. It was therapeutic but short lived. O well, I enjoyed what little bit I found.

I am grieving so bad I decided to dedicate a blog to you, I’m undecided if this is the blog or another one will be, but this is about you and blogged in love (for you).

Now that I have done some research I understand why my YouTube concert was so short.  Prince, it turns out that not only were you a musical prodigy, a beast on the guitar and a phenomenal entertainer and performer, you were an astute business man. You own your own master recordings??? Really?  You aggressively monitored and policed the internet to ensure none of your music was there; no free Prince music to download. If anyone wants to enjoy Prince they will buy Prince’s music. You believed an artist should be paid for their work, thus no Prince online free to enjoy. I must grieve in another way.

My research informs me you were a perfectionist. You were also a professional. Your band members said they recorded many, many tracks but you never released many of the recorded work. Your estate includes numerous unreleased works. What will be done with it?

Prince, you were really different. The only things I could ever find on you in the gossip press were the newest beautiful woman you were dating. They kissed and did not tell; they never gave an interview about you for their own gain and to your demise. That is a big thing, very positive, for a celebrity of your status. I know so little about you and I call myself a Prince fan. I know that fatherhood eluded you and you have multiple former wives and many female loves or “protégés’. I know that you have no paternity claims or suits against you and it is …well curious so say the least that the “son” that is yours waited until your untimely death to make his existence known to the world. Or maybe he did and you did not give the time of day.

I think you made a great role model for excelling in the music industry. If you want to be like Prince, stay in school. Practice. Maintain your independence. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself, produce your own material. Be original in every way from dancing to dress. Pull up somebody as you ascend higher and higher in your field. I like how you had your own label, Paisley Park, and used that label to produce smaller acts that had big talent. I think you make an excellent role model for teens and young adults although I can see and understand someone my age not wanting their young son to wear eyeliner and mascara as you did. But we must say, you wore the entire make up and no one has made a comment on your masculinity or sexuality. Neither has ever been questioned; everyone knows Prince was sexy as hell.

I am so sorry about the way the press is handling the matter of your untimely death. Maybe that is why I mourn. When they finish you will be a drug addict, a person addicted to pain killers without a prescription. It is so sad and so wrong. Why? Is it because you are of African descent? Is it because you were so vocal and adamant about keeping the rights to the music you created? Maybe it is because you called yourself a slave while associated with that contract with Warner Brothers that you participated in, made demands and signed.

Instead of appreciating the dedication and loyalty of an entertainer devoted to presenting the best show ever for his fans, pushing thru pain to deliver a show that includes singing, dancing, playing the guitar and piano and callisthenic jumps, splits and the like, you are labeled an addict. The people that write that garbage and make those allegations are probably 20 or 30 something and pain free. They have no idea what a person in pain goes thru to be “normal”. And you, Prince, was not normal. Your shows were not normal; they were the best that any one human being could give. You gave your all and everyone that has seen you perform attest to that.

So, I end my mourning with this fact: if I was such a big fan of yours I would have owned a lot of the music you created. I deserve to mourn and grieve.



I hope the executors of your estate respect your wish and leave your unreleased work alone. If you wanted it released you would have released it yourself. I feel going into an artist’s vault and releasing what he chose not to release is extremely disrespectful to the artist. Would they have gone into Paisley Park or your compound and released that material while you were living? Did they have that kind of balls I mean gall? Well if they did they chose not to show their gall because they did not have the balls I mean laws to walk over you like that. I’m not a celebrity but if I died tonight I would not want anyone to publish the 5 blogs I have not published. I have my reasons: they need to be proofread and edited. Prince had his reasons too.

Prince, rest in peace. You are the entertainer I loved, you Jehovah Witness you. Yes, you non excommunicated Jehovah Witness, the celebrity who maintained his Jehovah Witness membership, the man who worshiped with his Kingdom Hall on a regular basis. No charges filed against you for breaking the law, possession of drugs, child molestation, indecent exposure, public intoxication, driving while drunk, and none of that other celebrity nonsense. Clean. Clean-cut. But when they finish with you, you will be an addict.

This entire situation is so sad and so disrespectful. But you are still royalty, you are Prince. You came, you contributed, you left; now rest.



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