Trauma and Loss

If you decided to “divorce” your mother and not tell her why, you did not make a good decision. Rethink this; I suggest you write a letter, explain why you must leave her alone and send her the letter. Then she will know why she is “divorced”. Our guest today is an estranged mother.

The Estranged Mom

“There is no more transformative experience in human life than trauma or tragic loss. Nothing can hurt us, scar us or heal us more, and nothing brings us more valuable growth lessons. The gift of trauma changes us permanently and profoundly. It may change us physically due to illness or injury, it may annihilate our sense of security and status quo, and it may rob us of relationships, habits and beliefs that made the world safe and logical to us.” — From GrievingD

Robbed of relationships.  Robbed of all that made my world safe and logical.  Yes.  To all of it.

Estrangement may not be a physical death, but it is death, none-the-less.  It’s the death of a relationship.  The death of family.  The death of dreams.  The death of security and comfort in old age.  The death of purpose and meaning.  The death of hope.

Estrangement is traumatic.

Estrangement is…

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