The Word for today: Trust

The Word on this day is found in Jeremiah 17:7-8

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the lord, whose confidence (trust) is in him, they will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It  (the tree) does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

First, blessings are not limited to the tangible or material things; blessing is God’s presence. God being with me is the blessing. The presence of God is the blessing.

In this book, the prophet Jeremiah, a man who deeply trusts God, is speaking to people who want cheap grace. They want God’s presence but don’t want to do what must be done to keep his presence. They have what my pastor calls “market driven faith,” which is faith in God as long as the going is good, the bills are paid and all is well. But when test, trials and tribulations come along their faith and trust is shaken.

They (sometimes us) are willing to follow God as long as they (we) know where they (we) are going. But guess what? God don’t give none of us details. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t depend on your own understanding…” (Proverbs 3:5-6) takes genuine faith because you don’t know what lies ahead.

God does the planting and he plants us where ever he chooses and we should be satisfied with the soil we are planted in. Wherever we are planted we are in good soil, everything we need, all of the nutrients needed is in the soil we are planted in. In other words, no matter what our situation or circumstances may be, we have what we need to prosper and do well.

Yes, God planted us but it is our job to extend our roots to get more and more nutrients and nourishment. As we maintain our trust in God our roots will grow longer and deeper and we will be well rooted in the soil. Extending our roots is done when we pray and worship the Lord. Once our roots are extended and running deep, we are not easily uprooted. When a strong, fierce wind blows we simply sway with the wind but we are not uprooted and blown away.

When the sun light is scarce and the soil becomes dry and hard, our roots are so well nourished from the water that’s deep in the soil that we are ok. Yes, a leaf may fall off and we may look bare, but we don’t wither and die; we continue to stand. And we, like a good, well rooted tree, continue to bear fruit.

What all this means, my dear friend, is in life we will all have battles to fight. Weather you are an atheist or a Christian, weather you are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Baptist or Methodist, a storm will come into your life. The question is, how will you react to the storm? Will you curse God and die and join Job’s wife? Will you call everyone in your contacts and tell them about your storm, describing each and every rain drop that falls? Will you snap when the wind blow too hard? Most importantly, when the storm arrive will you refuse to produce more fruit?

My pastor reminded us that the apple tree and orange tree don’t produce fruit for their own consumption. In other words the apple tree don’t eat the apples it produces as true with all fruit bearing trees.  Fruit bearing trees’ fruit are  consumed by others.

We will have a storm in our life. We will be heartbroken over the death of a loved one, our marriage may fall apart, our kids may make really bad decisions, our finances may go wrong, our health may fail us, we may be physically or mentally violated yet we never have the right to think we are in this alone. Our job is to continue to bear fruit in spite of the storm for the consumption and nourishment of others.

This blogging thing is new to me yet it has opened a world to me that I did not know existed. I am learning so much from reading various blogs. But, after the read, what I find so interesting is how people blog, or react. There are heartbroken people who share their pain online in a blog that is, I guess, their outlet. They share their pain, talk about it and that’s it; until their next post. Then someone else comes along with the same tag or subject and they share their pain, they share a book that was helpful or link an informative article or explain something really well. You walk away from their site informed; you’ve been taught, you’ve been fed some knowledge and you have learned something. You will be back! In spite of their pain they have informed and educated someone.

The point of today’s message is this: Life includes pain, disappointment and struggle. You are blessed when God’s presence remain with you during these trying times. When you continue to bear fruit during your storm you are a blessing to others.

How do you get through these dark times? Your faith and trust in God will nourish and sustain you; at least that works for me. Whatever it is that you consistently put your faith and trust in will keep you going. Maybe you are knowledgeable in a particular area and you have faith and trust in your profession.

There are professional people advising, teaching and counseling through their blogs. I vicariously visit foreign land  and eat exotic foods through  travel blogs. Home makers  and chefs transform boring foods into exciting meals through their food blogs; all new and intriguing to me. What  beautiful fruit these bloggers bear!

I think I will make this a habit; I think I will share my pastor’s Sunday message here on Healing Secrets. My pastor is Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III

Be rooted and produce!



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