The Foliage Fence

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered. You don’t  want to see what you see but what do you do? Create a barrier, well plant  a barrier!

When I moved into the home I now live in my neighbor was an intrusive, question asking, advice giving, nosey woman who asked a lot of questions. She wanted to know everything and she did not understand why I was always on my knees in my yard. “Why are you digging in that dirt? Why you want to grow tomatoes? Just go to Jewell’s and buy you some. (Free advice): girl don’t waste your time. Ain’t nothing gonna grow over there. Them last people was so crazy. You can’t get a weed to grow over there.” And she had a little dog  that got confused and kept coming in my yard. When he finally figured out he was not home he made himself home in my yard anyway. I taught him to go back over to his place to pee and crap, he better not do that in my yard.

A friend observed Nosey Neighbor and said one word: Clematis. I researched it. I ended up ordering another vine from one of those catalogs for seniors. The catalog sold chair toilets and Velcro everything. “Need privacy? Plant this vine this year and have complete privacy in your yard next year. This vine will run up a trellis, across a fence or down a wall. Plant it, train it, direct it. $11.99.”

That was the best $15 I’ve ever spent! A week after I submitted my order I received a small plastic bag with 2 small  plants inside. Not knowing any better I planted them both beside the fence, 1 facing west, the other next to it facing east.

The base looks like a tree!

The next year the vine was well established. By the third year it was full grown and growing something funny. I fed it Miracle Gro every Friday and it responded quite  well. In the meantime Nosey Neighbor taught her dog to pee on the base plant. Then she lost her house and was not my neighbor any more. How sad.

My new neighbor had 2 ferocious dogs that enjoyed barking at me. I hated them. They loved my husband so they thought it ok to visit us. Daily. And they watched us constantly through the fence. So…..I planted hostas along the base of the fence.

Hostas and lilies at the base & I can’t see the neighbors!  😂

Plants and vines are the solution for neighbors you don’t want to look at. It makes it impossible to lean over the fence and answer questions. All you need is the vine, Miracle Gro, good soil and patience. You don’t have to order lumber, and you don’t have to pay someone to construct your fence.

All I used was a plant, soil, Miracle Gro and sun. 1 day for her fence, 3 years for mine. I like my fence better!

 If your neighbor has a dog and don’t like you, you don’t need the Miracle Gro. Dog do is the best fertilizer! But don’t tell your neighbor😉. You wouldn’t want them to stop tossing that do on your plant. They think they are killing your plant but they are helping them😂.

The vines are entangled with the tree & forms an arch of leaves. They can’t see me, I can’t see them 😊

O, those funny things growing are grapes! But I don’t eat them because I think she poisoned them. One of her dogs ate the leaves and grapes near the ground and got really sick.

She built a wood fence cos she did not want to look at her neighbor. By the time she got to my side she chose not to build a fence.  Guess she is ok with the foliage fence.



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