Are you healed?

What does it mean to “be healed”? What does “Healed” mean to you? I define “healed” as being whole and complete in spite of what you have experienced. Regardless of what a doctor may say or whatever label he/she may put on you, as long as you know you are whole and complete, you are healed.

For example: I am challenged with arthritis. Arthritis is an annoying condition of which the inflammation in your body settles in your joints, causing stiffness and/or swelling. My solution is regular exercise, staying warm and occasional full body massages. I drink lots of water and consume fish oil and turmeric to lessen the inflammation.

I believe words are spirits and I am careful about how I use my words. Notice I said “I am Challenged with arthritis”, not “I have arthritis” because I don’t care to own this condition. But from time to time the condition reminds me that it exists in my body.

Healed is not the absence of disease or lack of illness; healed is finding a way to live and enjoy life with whatever challenge that has been assigned to you. A healed person does not deny the existence of their condition or challenge, they simply figure out how to live with the challenge. They make adjustments, they improvise, and they are extremely creative in adjusting to and living with their challenges.

For those who don’t understand anything I am saying here, have a conversation with someone who lives with a chronic condition. Watch how they live their life. Those who live with a chronic condition learn to acknowledge the condition they have, they respect it, and they learn how to manage it.

The secret to living with a chronic condition and thus becoming healed is to manage the condition. When you know that some days you have energy and other days you have a tiny bit of energy, you learn to become active and to accomplish tasks when your body is cooperating with you. Some days you will be more productive than others.

Stress ignites the blaze of symptoms in all chronic conditions. Stress elevates the cortisol hormone which elevates blood pressure and glucose. Stress produces free radicals, increases the heart beat and may cause palpitations in the heart. Those who live with sickle cell anemia or Lupus understand there is a direct correlation with increased stress and episodes. Eliminating stress, especially unnecessary stress keeps the flare ups of pain, anxiety, nausea and a general sick feeling at bay.

I gain my ability to reach the highest state of Healing through my faith in God and the healing powers of the Holy Spirit. My spirituality and belief in God works for me, heals me. I am not disease free, in fact I carry 2 labels or diagnosis, yet I claim HEALED.  I am healed.

I really don’t want to come off as this preachy old bitch that crams Jesus down everyone’s throat. Instead, I will call this “sharing” and I will share my secrets to becoming healed while living with a chronic condition.  I have already mentioned Jesus and will not say his name again in this article. Here are my personal secrets to healing and my suggestions to your healing:

  1. Think positive, speak positive.
  2. Never say “I am” or “I have” followed by your condition or illness.

Example: If cancer is in your body, never say “I have cancer.” Your body will hear that language and say “ok, you got it!” Instead, say something like, “I am challenged with cancer,” or “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.” Say anything but I have…MS or I have diabetes or I have Lupus.

  1. Never say “I suffer with…” even if you are truly suffering. Use another word. You can share the fact that you live with a specific thing without glorifying it with your words and conversation. I choose to use the word ‘wrestle” instead of suffer. Find another word.
  2. Educate yourself on your condition. Read blogs, articles and books on your condition; learn the cause, the symptoms, the medicines and the cures. Store this knowledge inside of you
  3. Share your knowledge with the next person who reveals to you they have whatever it is they have. Your research and knowledge makes you a well of resources. Somebody will benefit from your knowledge.
  4. Gently share your knowledge. Don’t push your advice and knowledge on anyone. But if they approach you with questions, have an answer.
  5. When you share you knowledge, be prepared to send the person to your resources. Give them websites, book titles etc. so they can read the material for their self. You are sharing, not lecturing.
  6. Don’t spend a lot of your time listening to people’s complaints, unless you are a therapist or counselor. Too much negative conversation can be detrimental to your spirit and your wellbeing.
  1. Do not complain; save your complaints for your support group.  Go to your online support group and complain about your Lupus alopecia or your chemo induced nausea or anything else that bothers you. In the support groups you will get the compassion, support and sympathy that you need. That is what the group is for: to give support.
  2. Take the advice in number 9.
  3. Get some sunlight
  4. I find massages helpful in managing pain
  5. I discovered Peppermint tea calms an upset stomach
  6. Green tea has many benefits.

Make the adjustments you need to live a full life and in comfort. Explore alternatives to medicine such as herbs, acupuncture, meditation and yoga. My daughter practice yoga and swears it calms her nerves.

The physical challenges are sometimes easier to manage than the mental or emotional challenges. However, people challenged with mental illness, phobias and disorders can become healed too. They may have serious to severe challenges but healing is possible.

With God, nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37

Be Healed!

If you are living with a chronic condition or an autoimmune disease I invite you to share with us how you deal with it and also share with us what coping mechanisms you use.


Coming Soon: Becoming healed in the mist of mental and emotional challenges.

Thank you for visiting  me and staying  to the end. You are appreciated and I welcome your comments. 



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