The power of belief

Recently, on the Dr. Phil show a couple was on with an extremely sick daughter; I think she had cancer. Her illness effected the whole family as she had to go to another city to receive treatment for her illness and she was there for 6 weeks. Her receiving treatment took her parents away from her siblings for the duration of her treatments. When Dr. Phil asked the mother how she coped with that, she said, “O I teach the kids that we are family and we are all in this together. We are all receiving a treatment, its just some of us are staying home and others are leaving the house. Now wish your sister well because she will be gone for a while.” She shared with Dr. Phil that at times her and her husband were fearful but amazingly, the patient nor her siblings never feared nor doubted that everything will be alright.

Dr. Phil asked the mother how the kids knew that everything was going to be fine when the adults were fearful and nervous and the mother said, tearfully, “I guess when I told them they we all have a guardian angel they just believed me.”

Dr. Phil shared an experiment or survey or questionnaire a hospital conducted and their findings: The hospital asked the patients to draw their illness. Some drew monsters, some drew a big black ball or circle while others drew a dot or something small.  Later, maybe a few days to a few weeks later, the same patients were asked to draw their cure. Some drew a pill, some drew a needle or a shot. Interesting enough, those who depicted their illness as big drew a little cure: their pill or shot was smaller than their illness. Then there were patients who drew big buildings, crosses, angels, suns and even big monsters as their cure. When the patients were asked to explain their drawings, those who had some sort of spirituality or faith in something drew a cure larger than their illness.

Dr. Phil explained that what you believe can save you. Those who believed there was something bigger than their illness or their cure was larger than their illness fared better and recuperated faster. Those who drew big illnesses and small cures did not do so good;some even died. This survey included adult and child patients.

All adults and mature people know there is something called death and no one will escape it. However, every illness is not death. Having faith in something, anything bigger than you or a medicine can be healing.

What you believe becomes your reality; be careful in what you believe.

Thank you so much for coming here and staying to the end. All comments are welcomed and appreciated. I too believe everyone has an angel and if you don’t believe that, here is an angel for you


For he shall give his angels a charge to protect you where ever you go.

Dr. Phil’s image captured from live TV, angel from Google image search.




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