Devil’s Claw Tea

Today’s Healing Secret is a herb that will provide a relief from pain caused by arthritis and gout. My grandmother called it ‘Old folks tea’ because it will aid in pain relief, but it is a dangerous tea for young women because it can stimulate the uterus and cause contractions that will lead to miscarriage. Devil’s Claw  is a herb that comes from Africa, South Africa I believe. Here in America it is found in Health Food stores in packets and is readily available to become  tea.

My research informs me that Devil’s Claw is available in pill and capsule form in Germany and other European countries. In addition to pain relief, it is also sipped to relieve menstrual cramps. It is bitter, so if you are a natural tea sipper who prefer no additives in your teas, you may choose to add honey to make this a palatable drink. Think of it as medicine.

Consistent consumption of this herb is mandatory to receive a relief from pain. It will remove the crystals formed from the uric acid that causes gout. Be careful, one teaspoonful of herb to a cup of hot water is enough for 1 cup of tea. I find this rather harsh to my stomach and when I overdo it I will get diarrhea; so be careful. Lately I’ve been brewing Devil’s Claw with peppermint tea or fresh mint leaves because mint soothes the stomach;  I’m starting to like that. Devil’s Claw will also lower one’s glucose and it is a blood thinner as well. Keep that in mind if you live in a cold climate like I do; it is hard to stay warm with thin blood.

I’m not a doctor or  naturopath but I do have a little bit of knowledge about herbs and alternative cures. Although I am aware of the healing properties of Devil’s Claw, I  don’t consistently take it because it is just too bitter for my taste. Devil’s Claw is highly effective alone but it is also one of several ingredients in herbal teas for joint pain. (Google Yogi Joint Comfort Tea)

Devil’s Claw is a natural solution for removing pain caused by gout and arthritis. Long ago, before legal abortions, it was deliberately drunk to induce labor and cause miscarriage. It was used, I used it as a teen for relief from menstrual cramps. Like medicine, it has side effects such as diarrhea. I don’t recommend Devil’s Claw as a solution for diabetics but it is known to lower glucose.

Ask your doctor about Devil’s Claw and see what he/she says. My doctor never heard of it but I know that if you drink a cup of the tea three times in a week you will find some relief from arthritis and gout pain. I also know that if you don’t have your diabetes medicine and you drink  a cup of Devil’s Claw tea a day until you get your medicine you won’t get sick.

When your money is funny and you need medicine, herbs are a good solution until you get your prescription filled. Herbs come from the ground, not a labatory. Herbs are inexpensive and available at reputable health food stores.

See how God supplies all our needs?

Thank you for visiting me and as always, your comments are welcomed. If you have any secrets or remedies for pain, please share them with us.


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