Begonia and Coffee

Hello friends, followers and visitors. I took a lil time off and visited a place called  Los Angeles, California. Did you think I left you? Well I did not 😉. I’m back.

Now you all know how I like to play in dirt and watch things grow. Before I left town I bought a tray of beautiful flowers for my yard. To my disappointment I learned they are annuals and not perennials, meaning they will last for this season only; they won’t grow back next year.

What? They will die when the weather change? What???? They are shade lovers???. I find this out after I paid for them. $11 down the drain and the sunny spot in the yard is still an unfilled hole. So I took my begonias home and let them sit on the table for a few days. In the meantime I cleaned out the pantry.

To my shame and embarrassment I admit it: I am a pack rat. In the pantry was a dozen of empty coffee containers with their lid. I have no idea why I saved them. Maybe because they are red, maybe I thought they were cute, maybe originally I had a genuine use or purpose for them, but for whatever reason I had 12 small plastic containers with a black lid.  So I used them to make lemonade!

I removed the label, punched four holes in the bottom and filled each container with soil and a begonia, watered them and left town. When I got back the tiny begonia had blossomed to this.


How do you like it? I love it! 

I’m hoping my little begonias in an empty coffee container will live in my house during the winter. We shall see. The matching lid will serve as a coaster.

If you have solutions and secrets to healing share them with us. We all can use new ways to turn lemons into lemonade. Thank you for visiting me and remember: I appreciate your visit and all comments. 😃


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  1. I love this! I was recently in LA too. I hope you had a good time. ☺ I was at a spiritual conference.
    I use opportunities where I’m feeling upset to forgive. Or at least practice!


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