PROBLEMS teach us how to gain from pain

Problems present an opportunity to heal. A wise person approach problems with an analytical mind while the fear filled person run, only to have problems chase them down. Yes, a problem often bears pain but the wise gain from the pain. Today we are going to act wise and analyze a problem.

P                     A problem is a predictor; we all can make predictions in the presence of a problem:

  • You will have pain
  • You will be conflicted, uncomfortable and removed from your comfort zone

R                 A problem is a reminder of many things:

  • You are not perfect
  • There is a need to…
  • You may need help from something or someone
  • God is in control….or
  • You are not in control (However you choose to look at it)

O                     Problems present opportunities to:

  • try something different
  • trust in God
  • get rid of …something/someone or add something/someone
  • improve/sharpen the skills you possess
  • Problems provide an opportunity to become more creative and cultivate new and useful talents and skills

Example 1: A job termination may provide the opportunity to enter into a new field/profession. Sometime we don’t have the courage to quit a job we dislike because of our financial responsibilities and obligations.

Example 2: Unemployment, a growing child and the need for money and clothes presented me the opportunity to improve my sewing skills, sew my child’s and my own clothes and eventually began a home based business as a seamstress.

B                     Many blessings (often called solutions) come out of problems.

Example: a single woman who become pregnant and has children while unmarried is considered, by some, a problem. Those “problems” (children) are blessings that grow and bring love, joy, grandchildren, comfort and support into her life.

L                      Problems provide lessons and an opportunity to learn

  • The wise learn from their mistakes
  • adjustments and improvements are found when searching for a solution to a problem
  • Sometimes solving the problem teaches one how to avoid or prevent the problem from recurring

E                  Problems force one to leave their area of comfort and search everywhere for a solution.

  • A problem will encourage people to cross racial, religious and class boundaries in search of a solution

Example: On September 11, 2001, people of all walks of life cooperated with one another in assisting and providing comfort to victims caught up in the demolition of the twin towers in New York City. Fire fighters, police officers medical personnel and lay people worked together and helped each other.

M        Every problem has a message, weather hidden or obvious

Example: The city I live in is plagued with police officers killing innocent people; it is a problem for the police force and a problem to the community. The message is: some police officers have no love for some citizens. The message is: it is time to retrain officers to recognize signs of mental illness.

S                 Every problem is solvable even if the solution, simply, is to live with the problem.

Example 1: There is no cure or way to solve the height problem for a little person; they simply learn how to live in a world designed for people at least two feet taller than them.

Example 2: There is no cure or way to solve the problem that chronic disorders or health challenges bring to the afflicted, the afflicted learn how to cope and they learn how to live in spite of the challenge.

New Testament Scripture shows us how Jesus took the afflictions, the problems of everyday people and turned them into an opportunity to provide a cure, a solution by way of a miracle.

In II Corinthians 12th chapter Paul shares with us his affliction was never removed; he never received a cure or a solution but by the grace of God he was given power to live a full life; he traveled the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul is the best example I know of a person living under the S: where the solution to the problem is to live with the problem. Ordinary, regular people cannot live with afflictions, problems or trouble without sight of a solution; only those living in S…solvable… have this kind of power.

This was born out of scripture found in Psalms 119:71. ‘It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statues.’    King James Version or

‘My punishment was good for me because it made me learn your commands.’         Good News Translation   or

‘It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.’ New International Version    or

‘It was good for me that I was humbled, so that I may learn your statues.’ New Revised Standard Version   or

 ‘My troubles turned out all for the best-they forced me to learn from your textbook.’     The Message (my favorite)

 Those who trust in God are afflicted or troubled as well as those who do not trust in God. Problems or troubles are universal; we all have them in our lives at one time or another . Those who trust in God go to their book, or the Word to find their solution.

In the meantime, until the solution is found, if ever, we can count on S:

S reminds us that some problems must be lived with and are never  solved.

S is for stand on God’s Word that he will never leave you or forget you even when your problem is not “solved.” S is for Strong, because those who wait on God, who rely on God and trust in God and his Word, will stay strong.

“But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed.”           Isaiah 40:31   Good News Translation

Did you notice that you don’t get to use the S symbol until you have multiple problems?

A Word from the Lord to the Lord’s people   or   A Word from God to the people of God



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  1. Fantastic Blog post, loved . Tweeted it an fb’d it.

    I love what you have done here – really wonderful and profound, and something one take into my life and change myself. Really really really loved this. Brilliant


  2. Great post. Under R you wrote ‘you are not in control’ with my current illness and struggles I agree with many of the things you wrote. Except for me I find that reminding myself I have a choice is key. I choose to go to a doctors appointment, I choose to live my life, I choose to go somewhere I don’t want to. I find with the power of choice I gain back control over situations where I feel out of control. It helps me. Thank you for your post.


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