Choose Green: Reading and talking about your ideas leads to success.


You want to be a success? Read. Better yet, STUDY. Study anything that will improve your mind, increase your knowledge or calm your spirit. The visual in the header here is an inspirational read that may calm your spirit or encourage your soul.

I highly recommend reading the Bible; anywhere in the Old Testament is a good start. There are stories of love, stories of war and specific battles, stories of family feuds, rape, adultery, the stories of heart broken people, stories about egotistical kings, jealous kings and kings gone mad. There is a lot of stuff in the Bible.

Read something positive every day.

Know what’s going on in the world, either read international news or get it from the TV, the internet or whatever source you choose. Successful people are aware of what is going on around them.

I enjoy reading the autobiographies of successful people. I find it interesting to see the perils and challenges one has endured while on their journey to success. Biographies are a good source but be careful about who wrote the biography; an author authorized by the family may have a better story than an author who gathered their info through research. This is important because some biographies are written without integrity.

Read material that will help you be a better… If you want to be a great cook read things on food preparation. Writers are encouraged to read all genres and styles to shape, improve and master the craft of writing. If you aspire to be a good parent, know the challenges that kids in your child’s age category face, have an idea of who they admire, what and who they listen to and who they adore.  Read what they read, sample their music, look at their tv shows. Communicate with kids on their level; this will lead to understanding them and that understanding will make you a successful parent, uncle, aunt, etc. Read something on the subject you aspire to excel in.

If you can’t read or truly don’t want to read, choose TV programs that are informative and helpful to you. Allow the TV to teach and inform you. Anyone can learn something from tv and YouTube videos are the new university without walls. Looking at TV wont make you unsuccessful but looking at a lot of garbage on TV wont lead to success.

It is said that reading opens the window to the world. I told my students that reading opens your mind and allows new thoughts to enter, new ideas are born. Reading something, anything, will welcome ideas, weather they are positive or negative.

Talk about your new and old ideas with people who also have ideas; this can lead to an exciting exchange! Forget talking about people and things, instead exchange ideas, swap stories that are rooted in a new read. It is encounters and exchanges like these that spark inventions and cultivate success.

Thank you for visiting and staying to the end. All comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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