Follow the Green Road to Success: Compliment

A sure way to gain success is to use your words in the manner you would spend a few gold coins. Think about what you will say just as you would think about spending the few gold coins in your pocket:

1. You only have a few and they are extremely valuable

2. Once you spend a coin you can’t get it back and

3. Your only return is the effect the coin made on a person or situation.

You will not get any change from the coin but the coin will make a change in someone’s feelings, in their attitude, or in a situation.

COMPLIMENT the person that either deserve or need it; but do not comment on how nice their hair looks or what a pretty dress, smile, tie, purse, shoes they have. Compliment means,”Make a positive comment. Encourage one with your words.” If it is necessary to criticize, state what was good, right and positive, then state what could be improved.

Negative words, criticism,  sarcasm and complaints are like pennies, nickels and dimes; everyone has them and their value are small. Words of encouragement, soothing words that calm an anxious spirit are like gold coins; rare, valuable and in the hands (in the mouths) of few. Most people would appreciate and would choose one gold coin over a sack of pennies (what you thought but was not asked), a roll of dimes (gossip and any nasty talk about other people) or a few nickles (your opinions).

I am constantly amazed at how some people always have a gold coin and they generously spend it but they never seem to run out. It’s as if they have a gold coin fountain somewhere, these people are never without a kind word or a word of encouragement. They share their knowledge and speak in a manner that brings calm and serenity. People seek them out and willingly listen to them. Those who generously spend their unending supply of gold coins are great leaders because they can retain the attention and respect of others.

People who complain and criticize a lot and say ugly things that make others shed tears or feel shame are avoided like a plague. Well, they are a plague of some sort because they open their mouth and make others sick with their negative or nasty statements. They do not have not one gold coin, what they have is a jar or a sack full of pennies or nickles or dimes or a combination of all three. Everywhere they go they take their coin collection with them.

Now we all know coins are heavy. I wonder if they feel tired…carrying around all that weight?

Image courtesy of Global Trade Review



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