Fried Turkey Chops

Would you like to try something that’s different, taste good and is healthy? Then you may like my Turkey chops, or pork chops that’s turkey.

Don’t get smart with me and stop making fun! We both know that a turkey, that big bird we eat for Thanksgiving, don’t have no ribs or chops. But a smart butcher found a way to whack that turkey in such a way the they produced cuts that look like a chop. The “chop” even has a bone like a real pork chop.



You can get them from most full service grocery stores or from the butcher.

Wash them and pat them dry.

SEASON them with whatever you use for seasoning. Turkey white meat is not packed with a lot of flavor but you can make them flavor-full.

I sprinkled seasoned salt, black pepper, lots and lots of garlic powder on both sides.

I floured them, just like you do real pork chops. I filled my cast iron skillet half full with sunflower oil (because that is the oil of my choice) and let it good good and hot.


After I salted, peppered, garlicked and floured the chops, I sprinkled cayene pepper to the floured chops and fried them golden brown, turned them and fried the other side. They are good!

The second time I cooked turkey chops I used onion powder instead of garlic powder and I fried them with thick slices of onion on top; flipped them and cooked until done. They were better.

It takes about 20 minutes to cook them, about 10 minutes to prepare them. They are better when ate hot; soon after coming out of the skillet.

My co-worker fries her chops and once they are almost done she adds a can of condensed mushroom soup to them and allow the chops to simmer in the soup. Don’t forget to remove the chops from the oil, pour the oil off, then add them back to the hot skillet with the mushroom soup. Cover and simmer. The soup and the flour will turn into gravy. Kids and men like gravy. Plus the soup adds more flavor.



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