Power in a Pot

Did you know that a common house plant is packed with power? A healthy plant can add beauty to a room through its mere presence. It can bring you joy by blooming and staying healthy; it can add color to its space, and according to scientists, plants releases oxygen into the air.

I am a firm believer in the power in the presence of plants. They are life and if you ask me, they are a necessity to the single person or the person who lives alone. I remember a minister, Rev. Heard, who always advised single women to keep fresh-cut flowers in their homes. “You need something living in that house with you!” Well I always owned a cat so that was my living thing in the house. Now that my cat is in heaven, my living things in the house are plants.

The beautiful thing about having plants is they are inexpensive. Unlike fresh-cut flowers, a plant can last for years, at least one year before it slowly wither away.

Plants are easily attainable, many grocery stores carry small house plants. It really is not necessary to go to a special  store or a florist to buy a plant, just visit your favorite big box store or your favorite “mart”.

This is what I suggest to keep a small bit of beauty in every room of your house:

Find the garden or florist section in a store you normally shop in. Don’t go out of your way if you are new at this. I buy mine from the local home improvement store.

If you don’t have good soil or soil with nutrients added, get you some. A small bag will cost about $5-$6. If you don’t have a flower-pot, get you one, or improvise. I’ve used old coffee containersMake sure the bottom has small holes for the water to drain out.

Place your new plant in the spot where you want the plant to live. Let it stay there for a while, maybe a week. If you change your mind and move it, that’s ok. After a week or so repot your plant in something two to three inches wider than what it now lives in. If you bought your plant from a “mart” or a big box store, I promise you your plant is “pot bound”, that is, the roots of the plant has outgrown the pot it is in.  When you remove the plant from its original pot and the roots and soil are round or the shape of the pot, you know that the plant has outgrown its pot. When you remove the plant and it stays in its form even after you’ve added a little water to it, even if you softly tap the soil with your hand or a spoon and it continues to cling together, the plant is “pot bound” and has outgrown its container. If you don’t repot this plant it will soon die.

Sometimes plants bought in the “marts” and big box stores are destined to die when they get in your home because they have sat in that little pot for so long and/or they have not been well-tended to.

Plants, like any living thing and people, need to get adjusted to their new surroundings. This is why it is not too good to repot a plant as soon as it comes home from the store. Wait a few days. After you repot your new plant, place it in the spot that it’s been for the last few day or week. Water your plant every week on the same day. I water mine on Sunday. Water them on a day that is meaningful to you and you won’t forget. The temperature of the water should be comfortable to you. Let the water run on the back of your hand; if it feels good to you it will feel good to your plant.

I only buy plants with the little stick in the soil that has directions on how to care for the plant. Some plants like sun, some don’t. Follow the directions that comes with the plant. If there are no directions (I would not buy a plant that I don’t know how to care for) start the plant off in a place that gets limited sun and mostly shade.

Buy plants with care instructions and follow those instructions.

Talk to your plant. Ever wonder why some people’s plants are so full and lovely? They talk to it! All living things need talk and a little conversation and a plant is a living thing. Plants that are in rooms with noise such as the TV or music fare differently than plants in a quiet room. Don’t forget to go into the guest room to water and talk to the plant.

Plants love bathrooms, especially the bathroom with the shower! They do very well in that steam and cool down environment.

Last month I purchased a small potted plant, a bag of good soil and one flower-pot. The items totaled $10 with the soil being the most expensive of the three. I brought the plant home and placed it on the window sill. Now that my cat is not around to knock everything off the sill so her big behind could look out the window, I placed my new plant on the sill. Three days later they were withering and I discovered that plant don’t like no more than four hours of sun. I found a new place for her and after three days she was much better. On the seventh day I removed her from her pot and What do you know???!!! There were two plants in one pot. Two for the price of one! If I had not removed them, they would have died because two full plants cannot  thrive long in a small three-inch wide pot. 

Two for the price of one

If you buy your plant from a florist you will pay more but your plant will be a mature, full-grown plant, unlike many in the “marts”. The higher price tag is worth it because the florist is available to give you really good advise on your new plant. Plants from the florists are luscious adults, well taken care of and don’t need to be repotted no time soon.

This is fall and a good time to add a new plant to the family. This is a good time to repot any plant. Then allow the plant to just….live. Don’t expect new blooms during the fall and winter months; this is nature’s time to calm down and rest. Spring is the time of rejuvenation, blooming and observing bursts in growth. Plants should not be bothered or removed from their homes during the late fall and winter season.

This Anthurium blooms year round, but few plants do this.

Today’s healing secret is the joy of the common house plant. Place at least one plant in each room you frequent in your house. Water it the same day every week. On the first of the month feed your plant. You can use Miracle Gro or add a tablespoon of Epsom Salt to a quart of water and water it. Talk to your plant. Watch it grow and mature. If it blooms, tell him/her how you appreciate the bloom. Be sure to tell the plant how pretty it is. After a year or so if the plant begin to drop leaves or wither and you are watering and feeding it, it may have outgrown its home. You know what to do.

Thank you for visiting and you are Welcomed to share your knowledge on plants or any secrets you have for healing and recovery. I’m sharing my plants with you whom I call “My Girls”. I find plants lovely to look at. Talking to them calms my nerves and leave a tranquil spirit. They are living things who share the house with me.





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