Let them eat….Cake!

While shopping at… and initiating my new card I bought me a new toy and I stumbled on the cutest thing.  I immediately decided that this little trio would be the solution to the dessert dilemma. img_20161124_022947Thinking about my mom’s marbled pound cake recipe which swirls two cake batters of chocolate and vanilla (actually sour cream) in a bundt pan, I decided I would do something similar. In my inventory of box cake mixes I have White Classic, Red Velvet, Chocolate and Yellow. Initially I chose the Red Velvet and White Classic for a candy cane effect but  I got distracted and ended up with Chocolate Fudge and Yellow.

This is what you can do to please the whole family and keep your sanity:

You will need 2 box cake mixes of contrasting colors or flavors. I recommend  both mixes of the same company.

2 spatulas

2 mixing bowls and the ingredients for each box mix.

Prepare each mix in a separate bowl according to the directions on the box.

Pour one batter in the mini cake pan about half way. Pour the second batter into the same mini pan. You can swirl the batters, layer them one on top of the other, or you can put three layers of batter into one pan. Be creative and have some fun. Place both mini cake pans on a cookie sheet, slide into the preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes. At first I baked for 20 but that was not long enough. Thirty minutes is perfect.img_20161123_182711366

img_20161123_183255998Remove the mini cakes from their pans and allow to cool.

img_20161123_210542787Make a classic butter cream frosting and frost the cake as you see fit. I used this frosting but instead of milk I used 1/4 cup heavy cream.

Now your dessert solution for the kids and the picky adults are solved.

Lemon sauce is drizzled over the plain cakes

This is what I did for the grown and sexy, the ones that are afraid to eat sugary frosting but still want a slice of good cake. I made them a pound cake because we all know that pound cake, also called butter cake, is great with a cup of coffee. I made Elvis Presley’s favorite pound cake because it is a recommended recipe for a stand mixer and I followed that recipe to a T. However, I got excited about my new toy ( a stand mixer) and I beat that cake so bad and so long I’m afraid it will be too dry. No fears, I made a lemon sauce and brushed it all over the cake. Ha! Dry or not it will be good because butter cakes are my domain. Now everybody will be happy and just for good measure, I think I will simmer some Granny Apples in butter and cinnamon and have that on the side just in case that beat up butter cake is beat to death. Anyway, there is a dessert for everybody in the house.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for staying to the end 😊 and may you all have a wonderful time with the ones you love. 😘



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