Heal Yourself

One big cake and seven mini cakes did not excite or impress my husband. He had the nerve to ask me for a lemon pie. Like really man? A pie???

Actually I get it. People, and the universe, recognize, sometimes honor Effort and as a former elementary teacher I can discern the effort and sweat one spend to achieve something. Example: the woman who raised $500 in a few months and another who raised $1000 in a weekend. The $500 may have taken more effort and sweat than the thousand dollars. And my mini cakes took time but little effort because baking is what I naturally do.

Anyway, today’s healing secret is packaged in this question: what are you thankful for? The cooking is done and the kitchen is clean. You may be enjoying leftovers or maybe you are shopping or perhaps you are enjoying the company of someone you love. Take a moment and just think.

What are you thankful for? Regardless of your spirituality or your faith beliefs, are you thankful for anything?

Medical personnel has recorded the remarkable recovery and healing of patients with a faith-based belief or spirituality. Faith in something greater than you speeds up the healing process. What you have faith in will give you something to be thankful for. Your faith will remove your fears.

It’s like this: I have a fear of getting the Zika virus. This fear is not strange considering I enjoy being outside and working in my garden. My garden includes an electrical fountain with running water. In the warm months while working in my garden amidst heat, mosquitoes and that fountain, Zika from a mosquito is not a far-fetched fear. First, my faith in God’s protection and Psalm 91 especially Psalm 91:6 don’t allow me to get too frightful of catching Zika, but I do think about the possibility. Second, my faith in medical technology in finding a cure, a vaccine or some means of dealing with Zika gives me something to be thankful for. I am thankful for the dedicated scientists and researchers who live their life to find a solution. Their dedication and relentless research makes it possible for ordinary people to live full and wonderful lives in spite of an affliction. I am thankful for the research that has found or will find the solution to the Zika virus in time for the next gardening season.

I am thankful for the man who took his wedding vows seriously (in sickness and in health) and is still with me in mind, body and spirit. While making that lemon meringue pie I thought of my mother and I am thankful for all that she taught me and all her wisdom she shared with me.

I am thankful for the technology called Live Stream that allows me to attend church service in my underwear. I am thankful for the bloggers who share the most intimate stuff to heal their self, to help others or both. There is nothing in this world that one human being experience all by themselves; it’s just the others who share that problem won’t reveal it.

I am thankful for freedom. Freedom of speech, free from drugs, free from worrying about what others think, free from attempting to make myself accepted, free from wanting to address the newest gossip about me. FREE. My faith in a higher being which I will refer to as “my Lord and Savior” has set me free and I am thankful.

What are you thankful for? Who’s effort do you honor with thanksgiving?

What are you grateful for? My mom would say, “An attitude of gratitude will humble the hardest heart. Just be grateful!”

My husband, Eugene, says he is thankful for this.


If you would like the recipe for this pie and other delicious items just visit me or call. I would be truly thankful. 😃 Thank you for dropping by and please come again. In whatever situation or condition you may be in be grateful. Just be thankful


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