The joy of ground beef

Followers and visitors, you know I only “do” ground turkey. Well Gene says ,”Men like beef!!!” so to keep a happy home I went out and bought some beef. The ground beef I purchased was 90% lean, which I consider healthy but the lady in the store said that 90% meant little to no fat and that the good taste and flavor comes from the fat. Well sorry husband, no fat beef for you. I chose two dishes to make with my no fat 90% lean ground beef.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

I diced an onion and crumbled/chopped the 2 pounds of beef with seasoned salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and onion. I fried this in Sunflower oil, my oil of choice for frying. When it was done I added my left over yellow rice and a can of oregano tomatoes and a generous amount of red pepper flakes. Mix all that real good. I cut the tops off of two green peppers and gently hollowed them out. I filled the peppers with the meat mixture, put their ‘lids’ back on, placed them in a casserole dish, poured a 1/4 cut hot water inside the dish and placed a lid on top. I had no tomato paste or tomato sauce so I was forced to be creative. Pushed that in the oven at 350 and cooked for about 20-30 minutes. You are baking it to soften the bell pepper because that pepper will be an eatable bowl. When almost done I grabbed a bottle of barbecue sauce, removed the “lids” and squirted. Placed the lids back on and squirted some more. Cook until the pepper is tender.


There will be enough mixture to stuff at least 4 peppers but I stopped at three because this was  test. You can top the peppers off with a marinara sauce  or any sauce of your preference. Instead of the ‘lid’ you can add cheese to the top and let it melt into the meat/pepper. This is also an excellent way to use leftovers or hide vegetables from the kids and the picky. I didn’t have the ingredients for a sauce so I used what I had: barbecue sauce. Mr. Man was happy so that’s all that count.


Serve. My hot water bread makes a good accessory.


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