Only the Silly Lose Blessings

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.  Proverbs 16:18

Pride is number 5 on the list of seven deadly sins.

We all know, well, we baby boomers know of someone who has so much pride that it becomes destructive. It can be a parent who refuses to take the family to a local pantry to get bags of groceries, or ne who won’t allow the family to stop at a community kitchen to eat the free hot meals for fear of seeing a co-worker. Instead they stay home and remain hungry.  Another parent won’t accept gifts from the church for their kids because they don’t want handouts. There are people who won’t accept free clothes when it is obvious to those around them that they need a wardrobe. When I was a young mom I refused a camping scholarship from Girl Scouts of America because I did not want charity. There are so many times I’ve witnessed people turning down help and assistance because they did not want “to be a charity case.”

Whether genuine or false, misplaced or on point, pride can be dangerous. It can rob us of joy and it can contribute to unnecessary lack.

Let me tell you a little story:

When I was young, still in high school, I signed a contract. My signature allowed me the opportunity to travel and see parts of this great country I’ve never seen before, cultivate social skills, and earn money for college and a few more perks.  I completed my end of the contract. Then life happened and when I looked up, I was a young parent receiving Aid for Dependent Children. Once I graduated and began working, I vowed I would NEVER allow myself to get in a position where I had to receive or accept a free government nothing. No way Sir and hell no Mam!

Later, as I got older I needed more and more medical attention, medicine, therapy and visits to medical specialists. I paid for it. Co-pay slowly increased from $15 a visit to $35. I needed therapy and therapy and more therapy that is now $30 a visit and prescribed 3 times a week. And pills and back braces and knee braces and…the co-pay just got out of hand. Then the job situation: The situation is there is no job. No job but the need for the pills and the injections and the therapy remain but where is the cash for the co-pay?

And to top it off, the new president was dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Now what?

Let me tell you how prayer changes things. I prayed.  I put my trust in God that he would work it all out. I heard a voice and I obeyed. I got up and went over there to register for this free medical hand-out that I did not want.  Ugh!!! “Free government sh!+ and I really don’t want to be bothered.”

Today I went. I told her (the physician’s assistant) everything about me. I was examined. X-rays were ordered. I was referred to the orthopedic, the gynecologist, and the ophthalmologist and sent to the lab for work. She told me to go to the pharmacy. I obeyed, went to the pharmacy, checked in, was told how to take the meds and was sent to the waiting area to watch the monitor for my name to appear. I did everything as I was told. I went to the window and was told to go to the door. The lady at the door gave me a big bag full of … looked me in the eye and said “Thank you for your service.”

When I got to the car, everything I needed, including my appointments to see all the specialists, were in that bag.  What I thought was a “handout” was a gesture of gratitude for my service. What a nut I have been! What a waste of cash and time and all because of my pride in accepting something “free”!

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”    Proverbs 16:20

Friend, don’t let Pride take you out before your time to leave.

Always put your trust in the Lord and obey the small voice in your spirit. That small voice is your angel speaking.

Thank you for stopping by. You are welcomed here and your comments are too.

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