I’m Back! from Winter Break

Greetings to you: my friends, visitors, followers and readers. It has been a while since I entered this space, partly due to life’s circumstances and partly by choice. I’ve been thinking and mulling and contemplating on many things. And I have been working, I’m doing ministry and I have been resting.

Rest. In America, rest is given a low priority. If one rests too much they risk being labelled ‘lazy’. Rest is rarely encouraged and when it is, it is advise given to the ill or the infirmed. It is as if few people have the common sense to understand that every living thing require rest to stay healthy and rejuvenate. Mother Nature teaches us well when she shuts down and does nothing for a season. We call the shut down Winter, the time when leaves leave their home (trees) and nothing blooms. Everything stands still for a while. The grass refuse to maintain the verdant green that we love and nature’s dominant color becomes gray, or brown. This colorless season is a time of rest and is always followed by bursts of colours from new buds and blooms. The rejuvenation of nature/life’s energy grow from tiny sparks ignited by the rest season we refer to as Winter. Rest Rejuvenates!!!

I guess you can say I am returning from my own winter; rested rejuvenated and healed. Hmmm… Rest is the secret to healing… you think?

Guess what I figured out during my winter? I figured out that I can’t be everything to everybody and I can’t be everybody to everyone. Aha! This is liberating to say and I enjoy a sense of freedom to see these words on the monitor. I can’t be everything all the time and it is so ok with me. I don’t know how Chaka Khan does it, being Every Woman! While she is every woman I am a woman of faith, hear me roar!

I don’t think I will change the title or theme of this space. “Healing Secrets” agrees with me as I, we, mull over and explore new sources of removing dis-ease, replacing it with tranquility to our mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for visiting. It feels so so good to be back!

Do you think newness is a secret to healing? I think so. A new thought, a new way, a new song might be just what the doctor ordered.


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  1. This is beautiful. To me, rest and regeneration are keys to connecting with Soul inside of us. I appreciate what you wrote, and it seems to me that you are in a relaxed and peaceful space. So glad for you. Sending you and your loved ones blessings — Debbie


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