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About Me: Call me E

Initially I came here to promote my book. However, my passion is listening to people and observing what they don’t say. Since I’ve been accused of talking too much and having absolutely no filter, I come here to say what I need to say. Ministers should be selective in what they say and how it is delivered. O well, I flunk in that area.

I am well aware of the fact that many struggle with grief. Some think they are depressed but I think their problem is a grief that evolved into a depression. For those who want to know the secret to grief healing but don’t have the patience (or time) to see what my secrets are, I say SPIRITUALITY and FOOD. Eat, pray and get fat and your grief will go away (laughing). Now if you have a little time and patience, we can get quite detailed with these grief healing secrets.

Recipes for preparing good food, scripture, my advice, your advice, guest bloggers, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You are invited and welcomed to jump in and share your secret for healing.

Lets try a variety of methods to heal a grief stricken soul. WARNING: I believe in God and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

I’m a mother, grandmother, wife, friend to many, gardener, Uber driver. I love all bright colors, natural healing remedies, and I cook in a red kitchen that I painted myself.

Visit my site for a collection of grief healing secrets. If you run out of gas you can refuel your spiritual vehicle at the Fillup Station.


  1. E,

    Peace and thank you for sharing your life lessons through the Healing Secrets blog. My name is Sun Zulu, a Baltimore-based Hip Hop Emcee and Youth Mentor and I would like to pose to you this question: What if what happened in Baltimore with Freddie Gray’s murder was a set up to continue a legacy of inequity for African peoples and also to make things all over America worse? What do we do now as people in this struggle?

    I came across your blog looking for someone who would appreciate those questions and check out an open letter I wrote as a response entitled “Time Is Legacy”. Would you please check it out and post a response to your blog? The link for the letter is http://thesunzulu.com/post/142983468360/time-is-legacy-peace-and-blessings-may-this

    I am looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for reading my message.



    1. I’ve been pondering on your question for quite a while. ‘What if what happened was a setup to continue the legacy of inequality…and to make things all over America worst’ Really? I assume you just want a response so here it is. Personally I don’t see things in America getting worst but staying the same. Social Media & the internet call attention to anything immediately so we hear of stuff quicker, much faster than say 20 years ago. Little has changed. The youth of today assimilate and do everything to fit in. Few would dare risk their life for the advancement of the race. Go to jail for integrating a diner or a school system? No, today’s youth go to jail for things and not principles.
      I don’t know what we can do as people in this struggle. I pray. You are young and you have the ear of young people, what is the answer to your questions? Bloggers with a huge follow have power. Few of them realize their power but it is there. So, use your power and share your vision or solution. I don’t have s solution. I speak to those in pain or who suffer from one thing or another. I try to offer some type of ease for their pain.
      Thank you for visiting Healing Secrets, come back & visit again.


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